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E-Statements are electronic copies of your account statements that you can view, save, and print online. Users can view up to two years of statement history.

E-Statement Features

New E-Statement customers enroll with these easy steps:

  1. Go to the homepage and log in to Online Banking. If you are not signed up for Online Banking, sign up now.
  2. The user selects ‘Statement Delivery’ from the ‘Settings’ menu option.
  3. Choose delivery type from the drop down for each account.
  4. Click Save

Once enrolled in online banking follow these steps to access the statements:

  1. The user accesses their E-Statement by selecting ‘Statement’ from the menu option.
  2. **First time users will need to confirm they can view pdfs
  3. The user selects the account from the dropdown menu
  4. Then select the date from the dropdown menu.
  5. Once the date is selected, click ‘Get Statement’ and the E-Statement will appear in a PDF version.

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